Founded in April 2019, SCQ hostel was created with the idea of creating a warm space where our clients are at home. Located in the limits of the historic center and just over a kilometer from the Cathedral of Santiago, you will enjoy the advantage of finding your destination on the French road and thus you will not have to divert your route to find your accommodation.

The area also supplies everything you may need, Quiet neighborhood outside the hustle and bustle of the busiest streets, but well-stocked with basic services such as supermarkets, pharmacies, bars and restaurants or two shopping centers, as well as green areas, parks or hiking trails .

Trying to recover the figure of the hospital, we seek the proximity of treatment with our customers and thus be able to help them in all their needs.

We are oriented to provide a first class service, guaranteeing the Alberguista to receive objective, exact and complete information about each and every one of the conditions of provision of our services

Beyond offering a bed, we try to provide a resting place and a place to share the experiences of the road and that the stay becomes an experience of your trip.

More than 80 nationalities have enthusiastically welcomed our proposal and we are deeply proud to be the end of the road and deserved rest for all our clients.

Discover the SCQ experience with us and good way to all!