General Norms of the SCQ HOSTEL
  1. Check-in will take place from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  2. In case of arriving later than 20.00h, notify the hostel.
  3. The departure of the guests will be made at the latest at 12:00 noon the next day.
  4. To check in, you must present an identity document with a photo, driving license or passport. Citizens outside the EU with a passport only.
  5. In the case of groups of minors, they must be accompanied by adults.
  6. The cost of accommodation includes: Mattress and pillow cover, use of lockers and plugs, hot water in showers and sinks, dining room, shoe rack, access to the living room, games, WIFI, computers with Internet access.
  7. The use of washer and dryer has an additional cost of 3.50 euros.
  8. All prices include VAT.
  9. Payment will be made at the time of entry to the hostel. In the case of having made an advance will be discounted at that time. Cash or credit card payments are accepted.
  10. Pets are not allowed.
  11. You must respect the order and distribution of furniture and other items in the living room.
  12. For safety reasons it is forbidden to use all types of devices that may lead to an electrical or fire hazard.
  13. Chargers of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras are exempt from this prohibition. For them use the bunk plug that we assign.
  14. In the event of an emergency you can contact us at the hostel’s phones (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
  15. In case of fire, notify our staff and go outside the premises. If gravity demands it, call emergency service 112.
House Rules
  1. Respect the silence schedule, which will be from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., especially in the areas dedicated to rest.
  2. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in all areas of the hostel.
  3. The access of people invited to the Hostel will be made prior express authorization of the hostel address and in accordance with the instructions expressed.
  4. The lodgers will have a respectful behavior with the staff and with the rest of the clients taking responsibility for their actions. The client exempts the holder and those responsible for the hostel from any liability arising from his actions.
  5. In case of disobedience of these rules, the tenant or user may be expelled from our facilities and must bear all the economic expenses and responsibilities incurred, especially those related to third party claims.
  6. Hostal SCQ is not responsible for customer actions with third parties.
Rules of the Rest Zone
  1. The bunk area is a space for rest. The silence schedule is from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Respect the hours of rest and your roommates and try to leave your belongings collected. The shoes you used to come walking do not leave it in the room, use the shoe cabinet in the hall.
  2. Upon entering the hostel we will assign you a bunk and locker name. You can only use the locker that corresponds to the bed number assigned to you. When you leave the hostel you must leave the ticket office empty. If you plan to stay in the area and do not want to carry your belongings, inform the reception, as we have a password. Hostal SCQ is not responsible for thefts and robberies in any unit of the hostel.
  3. Each bed space has a power outlet to charge your mobile or tablet. Be sure to leave these devices in silence to avoid annoying noises in the room, whether you leave them at the box office or if you use them in the bunk beds. If you are going to listen to music or any other multimedia activity that generates noise, use headphones to avoid inconvenience to other guests.
  4. Backpacks are not allowed inside the rooms. For that we provide you with a box office wide and safe enough.
  5. The reason is none other than maintaining order and hygiene, as they can be the focus of bad smells, dirt or insects, and annoying noises when looking for things inside.
  6. It is not allowed to store or consume food or drinks in the rooms.
  7. Do not deposit trash on the floor, or by the beds. Use the bins.
Rules in the Living Room
  1. The hostel has a microwave and full kitchen that you can use with complete freedom, but maintaining the basic safety and hygiene standards. It also has a fridge. Like two vending machines that provide various snacks or water energy drinks; Like coffee, infusions or tea.
  2. If you have doubts about the operation of any appliance or device, ask our staff and let us know if something is not working properly.
  3. If you leave food or drinks in the fridge you must leave them identified with your name and the date of departure from the hostel and you must remove them when you finish your stay. Drinks and food that are not marked will be removed by the hostel staff. The hostel is not responsible for the deterioration or theft of drinks and food produced within it.
  4. Food consumption will take place in the dining room. In the bedrooms it is not allowed to consume food.
Rules in the bathrooms and washing area
  1. Hot water from showers and sinks is included in the price. We rely on our customers for a moderate use of showers that mitigates energy expenditure and reduces the ecological impact of our establishment.
  2. If the toilet paper runs out, notify reception to replace it. Do not use other paper in the toilets to avoid jams and for the same reason use the bins for the rest of the trash.
  3. The washer and dryer cost more than the cost of accommodation, inform the reception to receive the rules on its use.
Rules in the Living Room, Computers, Printer and Wifi
  1. In the living room you will have games and a small library. Enjoy them and when you finish using them put them back in place. All books and games are for use inside the hostel. If you want to take a book or game, you must replace it with a similar one.
  2. We have at your disposal tourist information and interest of the city and the region, which if you can use outside the hostel and take it for your next visit. Also, if you want to visit something specific, do some activity or organize your tourist day we can help you.
  3. The TV and music is free to use and shared with other people in the room. If you can’t find the remote, ask for it at the reception. Use a reasonable volume level so as not to disturb the rest of the other lodgers.
  4. The use of the Wi-Fi network is free. You will find the password at the reception and in all rooms.
  5. Computers have an Internet connection and are free to use. If there are more people waiting, limit the use of the computer to 15 minutes for everyone to have access. When you have finished using it RESTART THE PC, this will erase all your personal data and files that are temporarily stored and your privacy will be safe. NEVER RESTART THE PC WITHOUT SAVING OR COPYING YOUR FILES ON AN EXTERNAL DEVICE (pendrive, memory card, phone) OR YOU WILL LOSE THEM IRREVERSIBLY. The Hostel is NOT RESPONSIBLE under any circumstances for the loss of your data.